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Openview Yoga

With Keri Sawyer


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All Trainings Online 

Online TC Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Foundations Trainings

October 8&9

8am PST - 5pm PST both days

One hour lunch with multiple breaks

$330 Investment 

Dec 10 &11

8am PST - 5pm PST Both days 

One hour lunch with multiple breaks 

$330 Investment 

20-hour training (16 hrs on zoom, 4 hrs self-study) is based on sound research from the Trauma Center, of the Justice Resource Institute in Boston, MA.

Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive 20 Hour Foundations Training 

Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is an intervention based on research from The Trauma Center in Boston, MA. TCTSY is an evidence-based adjunct treatment for complex trauma (sometimes called chronic, treatment- resistant Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and is the only yoga-based practice accepted by SAMSHA and NREPP.

This 20 hour training is designed for social workers, mental health clinicians, yoga teachers, educators, and health care professionals who are looking to deepen their understanding of the whole-system impact of complex Trauma. The course will emphasize the core components of the practice and process of Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga and will provide specific tools to support participants to facilitate trauma sensitive movement and breath practices that are vital to the healing process. Through developing an understanding of complex trauma, attachment theory, and the neuroscience underpinning the TCTSY methodology participants gain skills that support healing from long term trauma. Participants will learn to foster this anti- oppressive approach to healing through a trauma informed lens. Group lecture, practice through movement and breath as well as group practicum will be offered.

 This training is the pre-requisite required to apply for the 300-hr TCTSY Certification Program with the Trauma Center. For more information on the technique, visit:

What You Will Gain 

Deepen your understanding of the whole system impact of complex trauma 

Learn the underpinnings of TCTSY and how to use them in movement and breath practices  

Learn the core components and specific tools of the TCTSY program 

Gain skills to facilitate trauma sensitive movement and breath practices 

Gain an understanding of stress, chronic stress, PTSD and complex trauma 

Explore the western medical model and how it might pertain to TCTSY including PTSD, DESNOS, CPTSD, Complex trauma, and Developmental Trauma 

Learn about trauma sensitive breath practices

Gain an understanding of how to move through challenges

Foster an anti-oppressive approach to healing 

Participation in small group practice facilitation 

Receive a letter stating you have completed 20 Hours of TCTSY training  

Pre-requisite to the 300 hour certification program 

Keri Sawyer RYT 500, Lisenced TCTSY Trainer and Facilitator 

Keri Sawyer is a licensed Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) trainer and facilitator through the Center for Trauma and Embodiment in Boston, MA and is a 500 hour Yoga teacher in Alignment Yoga. Her main focus is to provide TCTSY to trauma survivors of all ages, train yoga teachers and clinicians in TCTSY, and also to provide research based information on TCTSY and trauma informed treatment to the therapeutic world. She currently facilitates TCTSY as an adjunctive treatment to pre-teens, adolescents, young adults, and adults who suffer from complex trauma and treatment resistant PTSD. She oversees the implementation of TCTSY into therapeutic models in clinical and residential treatment programs across the country along with training and consultation for therapists, yoga teachers and health professionals.

Workshop Experiences

Keri was an excellent facilitator who exemplified warmth, empathy, and taught the material in a very accessible way. She created a safe container with boundaries to discuss boundaries and to practice teaching inclusive language. I would highly recommend taking Keri's course for all yoga instructors and also for therapists working with trauma patients. This class is excellent for embodiment and empowerment for all!

Keri is a very compassionate and knowledgeable trainer and workshop facilitator. She made everyone feel very comfortable allowing for animated sharing of experiences. She was able to easily adapt to the needs of the participants and keep the training on track as well. I would highly recommend Keri presenting at your facility.

I loved the practices shared, the chance to practice teach, the exposure to such inclusive language, and how Keri created a safe container with boundaries so that we did not flood each other with trauma stories.

Very informative and well done. Keri was great at keeping us on track. 

This training was organized well with information on powerpoint and learning by watching and doing. Keri was excellent.

I felt fully prepared to use TCTSY with clients after taking the training with Keri

Keri was an incredible TCTSY instructor, teaching how to use yoga effectivly with trauma survivors in a compassionate platform.

20 Hour TCTSY Foundations Training Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you need to be a yoga teacher to attend? 

No, many professionals attend including Mental Health professionals, Educators, Nurses, Body Workers, Nutritionalists, Health and Life Coaches, etc ....

What Credentials will you have after completing the training?

You will receive a completion letter showing that you have received 20 hours of training from the Center of Trauma and Embodiment in Boston MA. This training does not give you a certification, however it is a pre-requisite for the 300 hour Certification Program. 

Do you offer CEU's or CE's?

CE's are offered to Yoga Teachers who are registered with the Yoga Alliance for 20 hours. IYAT CEU's are approved for 18 hours. CEU's for Mental Health Professionals and other professions are not offered unless you contact your licensing board before the session and they approve it. 

What Should I consider for Self Care?

During the training its possible that emotions and trauma responses can arise due to the content of the training. Please come prepared to support your emotional and physical needs. Your welcome to move in and out of the session at any time if needed. 

How do Self Study Hours Work?

There are several hours of self study making the training a total of 20 hours. Video's and Ted Talks will be in a google drive for you to watch for your self study hours. It is most beneficial to watch these before the training if you are able. There will also be some time spent Saturday evening for an assignment due the next day. 

What should I wear?

While this is a professional training, please wear comfortable clothing that you feel you can move and practice yoga in. We will have at least one hour of formal yoga practice on Sat and Sun along with group practicum and practice teaching on Sunday in small groups.