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Openview Yoga

With Keri Sawyer

"An authentic yoga practice is anything that nourishes an individual so that they can truly befriend themselves." - Donna Farhi 

Yoga Classes Online 

Women's Trauma Sensitive Yoga

3 Week Series, Nov 4,11,18 6pm PST 

The gentle yoga series is specifically developed for those who suffer from PTSD or trauma. Our focus will be on movement and breath practices that help to heal the nervous system. We can practice present moment awareness within while making choices based on what we feel. We strive to make our classes accessible to everyone regardless of physical ability. These sessions follow the Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Modality developed by the Trauma Center in Boston MA.

Yoga & Movement, November

Practice can include short meditation, hatha yoga forms, core exercises, movement and breathing practices. Participants can gain strength, balance, flexibility, stability, and resilience though a slow strong and warming class. Trauma Informed 

*Build Strength and Core Strength

* Decrease stress and balance the nervous system

*Build Stability and Flexibility

* Participate in mindful movement gaining resilience, focus and concentration

*Sustainable approach to health and vitalization while preventing injury *Slower approach to elevate/deepen your practice

*build a relationship with your body and with yourself 

Befriending Your Body

Class is every Sunday at 6pm PST. Gentle Hatha yoga and breathing to help explore your mind body connection. Stretching, straightening and resting at a pace that works for your body.  All levels and bodies are welcome. Empowerment based class that is trauma informed.